To Fold or to Unfold

Reading me a story I’ve already heard

If heavens were real
One expects Word
If the Word is real
Then the story of how
We all came to be is

If mom and dad are
Then the whisperer is
And if it is
Then it has been

If it has been
Then it’s not enough
To watch out, for
If watching out means
To anticipate

Then we ought to
Look back n read
Read and review
The fine print which
Lies in the details
Word for word

For if fire has lived
This long so far
Then it has had
Ages to whisper

To twist and alter
To spread falsehood
To rip many a page
To insert a few
To burn, drown, bury

Books n scrolls
To conceal any truth
About what has become
Ancient fairy tales
About our origin
About our family
Ancestors and forefathers

It had millennia
To replace real stories
To animate fiction -
But I like fiction -
To divide our race
Into colors n classes
Into names n labels
When we’re all for real
Brothers and sisters

Which is more cheesy
This phrase or
That of showbiz?
Ladies and gentlemen
I think the latter is

I will read the story
Before we here
Perhaps together
We can unfold
That which has
Been told in
A twisted-kind
Of a different way

Only a fire could
Do such a thing
If it were asked
To bow to clay

Luring the first two
Towards a tree
The only tree
That was forbidden
In a garden full of
All kind of trees

Their original sin -
No one else’s -
Seems to have been
Forgiven right there,
Right there and then
Which means no one
Is by default a sinner
Nor any loved one
Had to die for me

Not only this but
This little piece of fire
Whispered other things
And had little flames
Whisper little things to many
The least outcome:
Events changed
Characters renamed
Alphabets maybe crafted

I will read this story
In its intricate details
With books in front
Thinking out loud
Reading to myself
And to the kind
Who have read
All this way

This is my space
Away from class
And the kitchen
To be whatever thinker
Clumsy be it — writer
Wrong or right, whatever
This is me being me
This is me today

I will be reflecting here
Sometimes, just like today
I know I’m not offending
Any of my teachers
Any of my students
And any fellow readers
All of my siblings!
In whatever way





Sailing the sea.

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Aprime @ InkSea

Aprime @ InkSea

Sailing the sea.

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