The Two Approaches I Can Take

No one can prove to another whether there is a Maker to this world or not. One can only claim, and back it up with what some might call evidence. Even with evolution, that initial glimpse of life might’ve been made. Prove otherwise! Creation is described in a handful of books and it shall not be taken for granted.

Can anyone know for sure though?

I shall take the first approach and would attempt to find out if any of the arguments — in favor of creation — do make sense and sound reasonable — to me — or not. I shall be sharing what other common bodies of knowledge have to say about the topic.

One might not be able to prove to another that there is a Maker, but just how evolution is an interesting theory with a pile of evidence, creation is also an interesting theory. One can only check if the books that speak of it are of any value, before even considering if any of their contents can begin to count as evidence — in favor of creation — or not.

Many areas of knowledge need to come together for such an undertaking, and many ways of knowing should too. Language should not be a barrier in this age and time. Also, numbers are said to be the alphabet of the universal language.

Mathematics and data analytics are called upon first — for their objectiveness is unmatched — then all other fields of study are welcome to do their thing. We’re all thinkers and we can think for ourselves.

We just need to hear the entire argument from both sides — or all sides if more than two — before we can better choose the path we want to take, be it the trendy one or be it the path less taken. It all depends on where one is and what body of common knowledge they are immersed in.

This is when emptying one’s cup is recommended.

Thank you for reading.




Sailing the sea.

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Aprime @ InkSea

Aprime @ InkSea

Sailing the sea.

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